Saturday, January 31, 2009

Old Women

So the other day Jordyne, Rachel and I were walking to class carrying on a nice conversation about a subject matter I can no longer remember, although it must have been something very mundane because all of a sudden Jordyne stops and says,"you know we are such old women." We laughed, but then over the next few days we started to realize that it was so true. As we returned home after class we walked into a house in which every surface was covered in puzzles. They are one of our favorite things to do while watching reruns of old shows...especially MASH! Actually it usually turns into Rachel and Jordyne working on the puzzles while I get fed up and move on to my cross stitching project. Then when 10:30 rolls around it's time for bed and boy are we tired. The next morning after a bowl of Raisin Bran we all make sure to take our airborne so as to not catch any viruses. Then to top it all off Jordyne and I were sitting in the commuters lounge at school and I found an abandoned news paper, so naturally I turn to the obituaries to see if I know anyone who has passed. And low and behold I did (an old man from work), though this is quite sad, Jordyne looks over and starts laughing hysterically because all of our worst fears were confirmed...we are so old women!!!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great laugh - still chuckling. Hmmm... I wonder...what does that make me?
Oh well. Love you dear daughter.