Saturday, January 31, 2009

Old Women

So the other day Jordyne, Rachel and I were walking to class carrying on a nice conversation about a subject matter I can no longer remember, although it must have been something very mundane because all of a sudden Jordyne stops and says,"you know we are such old women." We laughed, but then over the next few days we started to realize that it was so true. As we returned home after class we walked into a house in which every surface was covered in puzzles. They are one of our favorite things to do while watching reruns of old shows...especially MASH! Actually it usually turns into Rachel and Jordyne working on the puzzles while I get fed up and move on to my cross stitching project. Then when 10:30 rolls around it's time for bed and boy are we tired. The next morning after a bowl of Raisin Bran we all make sure to take our airborne so as to not catch any viruses. Then to top it all off Jordyne and I were sitting in the commuters lounge at school and I found an abandoned news paper, so naturally I turn to the obituaries to see if I know anyone who has passed. And low and behold I did (an old man from work), though this is quite sad, Jordyne looks over and starts laughing hysterically because all of our worst fears were confirmed...we are so old women!!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hawaii...and Life

Here are some of the long awaited Hawaii pictures. The first picture is of Mom, Dad and me infront of this huge tree. The second picture is of Carrie and me boogie boarding. Carrie is the daugther of the other family we went with. The last picture is of the two families that went on the trip! It was such a great time, though it already feels like a lifetime ago. School started on the 12th of Jan. and I love being back in classes-though the homework is as un-fun as I remember. Other than that life keeps going on.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Christmas...Part 2

This is Noah and Me when we celebrated Christmas. For him it was his second time celebrating, for me it was the first. I was stuck in Portland for Christmas because of all the snow so I made it home when work and the weather allowed and we celebrated it a second time!!! I hope that the new year brings you all many joys!!!
I will post some Hawaii pictures a little later. It was such a shock to spend a week in 83 degree weather and then barely make it into Portland because the runways were frozen over.
Happy New Year!!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Christmas is Coming!!!!

This is our beautiful fake Christmas Tree from Walmart that came with the lights already on it!!!! We decided to do a fake one because we are starting Christmas so early (and we are starting early because Rachel and Jordyne are going home for Christmas). Another factor was our Dog-we weren't to sure how she would respond to a tree...oh and the bugs!!!! P.S. I am just about to go to work in this picture so I am wearing my cute scrubs!!!

The one problem that we had with having a fake tree was not having the experience of going out, bundling up and getting a real one. So Jordyne (not in the above picture), Ashley, Rachel and I decided to go and get a little charlie brown tree. The only problem with that was that we couldn't really find a tree farm open so we do it our own way...wink, wink.
This is us out in the middle of no where with our little tree freshly cut!!!! Jordyne maybe saying a prayer for our souls!!!!

This is Ashley and my's warning to you that you should not try this at home!!!!

Here we all are...even Mercedes, who had a wonderful time out at the mountain. I hope that you all have a wonderful Holiday season!!!!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

dogs, jobs, and everything in between...

That's right... My roommates and I are the kind of people who spend ten dollars to dress our dog up for Halloween. And who wouldn't with a dog that looks this cute in a pumpkin costume!!! Mercedes is really calm and collected about the whole thing as long as we give her a lot of attention afterwards!!!

This is my nephew Noah!!! Isn't he getting so big!!! He is super sweet (although I only see him every once in a while so he probably isn't super sweet all the time!!!) It is so fun to have the little guy around! Andrew and Anna are doing good too!!!

My roommates and I took a weekend road trip to Colorado at the beginning of October!!! This picture is of us and Rachel's brother, Neal!! We went with her family up to the mountains... and as you can see winter was already there!!! It was super cold!!!

I am on my third week of my new job. I work nights at a nursing home and rehabilitation center. There have been some hard nights but you get that at every job!!!! I take my state boards on November 1st and I am super nervous!!!!

Other than studying, work, and doing stuff around the house my life is pretty much the same!!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tuesday, September 02, 2008


This is all of us. We were all up at Camp for Labor Day and on our walk we decided to take some family pics!!! As you can see even Mercedes got in on it (or at least her tail)!
Grammy, Pop, Noah, and Aunt Sarah!!!!
Four Generations!!!!
Noah meets Mercedes for the first time!! She was super calm and he loved pulling on her ears which is what he is doing in this picture!!!